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                  Part No. Features Vcc
                  Pd(mW) Icc package
                  US2829 Single-Channel High-Speed Mosfet Driver -0.3~15V 437mW 15uA SOT-25
                  CD4069 Inverter Circuits -0.5V~18V 700/500mW 1-4uA DIP-14 SOP-14
                  MC14511 BCD-To-Seven Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver -0.5V~18V 500mW 10mA DIP-16 SOP-16
                  A2804 Zero Voltage Switch 8.2V 350mW - DIP-8 SOP-8
                  A6966 5 DOT LED Level Meter 14V 600mW 3~5mA SIP-9
                  LA2284 LA2284A 5-DOT Dual LED Level Meter Driver 18V 1100mW 5~8mA SIP-9 MSOP-10
                  US301 0.2a single channel current-limited load switch VIN =2.7~5.2V IOUT =0.2 A TA = -40 +85 °C SOT-23-3
                  U8C3525 8 bit serial-in parallel-out valve driver 5 ~ 18V 1W Ion =2.3mA SOP-16
                  UCA9306 dual bidirectional i2c bus and smbus voltage-level translator Vref1= 0 ~ 5.5 V EN= 0 ~ 5.5 V Ipass= 64 mA SOP-8 MSOP-8
                  URYD21 300mA bi-direction relay driver 5 ~ 36 V Iq= 1μA Rin= 500 K? SOT-26
                  UVXS0102 2.3 ~ 5.5 V 2.4 μA SOP-8
                  UCA9617 LEVEL TRANSLATING FM+ I2 C-BUS REPEATER -0.5 ~ 7 100 8 SOP-8 MSOP-8
                  UCA9543 2-channel i2c bus switch with interrupt logic and reset 2.3~ 5.5 V 17~ 50 μA SOP-14

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